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Welcome to my practice!.

I’m a board-certified psychiatrist with 25 years of experience. My specialties are:

  • Adult, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Addiction Psychiatry
  • Classical Homeopathy
  • Nutritional Balancing.

I have extensive training in homeopathy and nutritional balancing, and they work well for most psychiatric and medical problems. But people can see me for conventional medicine or for alternative medicine. Or for both. Many of my patients are on both regular medications and alternative treatments, although my aim is to get people better so they don’t have to stay on drugs forever.  I treat all age groups and accept many insurance plans.

I specialize in helping people who haven’t responded well to conventional medications or who just don’t want to take them.

The best part of these alternative treatments is not just that they’re gentle and natural, but that they do far more than western medicine. Homeopathy brings about the deepest healing of any type of treatment I’ve seen, and often heals problems that people assumed were untreatable. Nutritional balancing heals and strengthens the body, so disease has no place to take root.

Please explore this website to learn more about my practice, and about homeopathy and nutritional balancing.

I look forward to working with you.

Many people think homeopathy refers to all forms of alternative medicine, but it’s actually one specific type of alternative practice, very different from nutrition and herbs. Classical homeopathy works well for most medical and psychiatric problems. For people in psychotherapy or suffering from addictions, it removes roadblocks, and speeds the recovery process. And the right homeopathic remedy will also transform marriages and other significant relationships. Nothing heals and transforms a person’s life like the right homeopathic remedy.

In my experience, homeopathy can help all psychiatric problems except ADHD and schizophrenia. However, it works exceptionally well for anxiety disorders (panic attacks, social anxiety, specific phobias, PTSD and OCD), bulimia, sex and love addiction, and anger. It’s also very helpful for personality disorders and unusual problems that defy easy diagnosis.

To learn more, click on What Is Homeopathy or Individual Cases.

For several years I studied with Dr Lawrence Wilson, author of Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis. Dr Wilson has expanded on the program developed by Dr Paul Eck, and we use vitamins and minerals not just to replace deficiencies, but to rebalance the body’s chemistry. As with the best holistic treatments, nutritional balancing does not treat specific illnesses; it treats a body weakened by denatured foods and environmental toxins. Vitamins, minerals and diet are recommended based on a hair test, but it’s not simply replacing what the hair is deficient in. The hair test tells us far more about a person’s nutritional state and what he or she needs.

People have to be committed to use this program for at least a year, and preferably much more, but it’s a healthy way to live that heals and strengthens the body. On a nutritional balancing program, the body excretes toxins and enzymes start using the correct cofactors. People regain their stamina, think more clearly, feel more stable, and health problems begin to resolve.

Nutritional balancing can help anyone who is willing to work the entire program, but in my experience as a psychiatrist, it’s particularly helpful for people who have low energy, depression, and process addictions such as gambling. It also works amazingly well for PMS and bipolar disorder.

For more information, please read these articles on Dr Wilson’s website:



Why Use Hair Mineral Analysis To Design Nutritional Programs?

Supplement Use In Nutritional Balancing

Replacement Therapy And Why It Is Not As Effective

I began working with addicts and alcoholics in residency back in 1985 and it’s been an important part of my practice ever since. I’ve worked for several substance abuse treatment facilities. Recently I started prescribing buprenorphine (Suboxone, Subutex) for opiate addiction and regularly prescribe anti-craving medicines for alcoholics. But my policy with all patients is they must do recovery work—12-step meetings, church-sponsored recovery groups or online meetings. Without serious recovery work, medicines are not very useful.

Alternative medicine is very helpful in treating addictions, but it will not treat chemical dependency itself; patients must do recovery work, and that means going to meetings. However, homeopathy and nutrition are very helpful for treating the issues that make people relapse—anxiety, depression, relationship problems and other issues. For process addictions such as bulimia, sex and love addiction, codependency or gambling, homeopathy and nutrition can be very effective. I’ve seen process addictions completely stop with the right alternative treatment.

Fragrances & Other Petrochemicals

To help others who are chemically sensitive, I ask patients not to wear:

  • Perfume, Cologne or After-shave
  • Body Spray or Scented Body Wash
  • All AXE and Melaleuca products.
  • Tea tree oil. Essential oils.
  • Scented hand lotion or scented body lotion.
  • Hair spray, mousse or hair gel (even without fragrance)
  • Clothes that have not been washed since wearing the fragrances listed above, that smell of fabric softener or that were dried with dryer sheets.

If it is not listed above, it’s okay.

Certain products are never a problem, including bar soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, make-up and deodorant. You may use these. In fact, you should. Some people think they shouldn’t shower before coming in and this is wrong, because whatever perfume or after shave they put on the day before is still there.

Please remember that fragrances linger. If you put on cologne or perfume in the morning, it’s there all day even if you can’t smell it. If you put it on several days ago, it’s still there until you wash it off. Washing fragrances off with plain water doesn’t work; it takes soap.

Also, if your clothes haven’t been washed since you wore these products, they’re still in the clothes. This is especially true for perfume and cologne.

I’m really sorry about this, and I know this is difficult for some people, but many people who come to this office are chemically sensitive.

By the way, fragrances are made from petrochemicals that are toxic to humans. Only 15% of people are chemically sensitive, but 100% of us are affected by these substances, which can cause depression and low energy. Many people feel much better when they stop using these things.

Thank you for your help.

I take several insurance plans, but please speak with my office manager to make sure yours is one of them. Those who are self-pay can contact my office manager for rates. The initial appointment can be one or two hours, depending on whether you are requesting homeopathy, nutritional treatment or just conventional medications. Many people see me for all three, and I actually prefer that. The more tools I can use, the better the chance of getting you better.

I see people of all ages, including children, adolescents and the elderly. However, I do not take Medicare. I can see children and teens for homeopathy, but if they are not able to do the interview, then I will need to interview the biological mother.

There is a charge for missed appointments if they are not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, excluding weekends. Please be careful with this; no shows and people who cancel at the last minute are a major problem for people in private practice.

I can see people by skype or do telephone appointments. This can work well for people who live at a distance but are interested in homeopathy or nutritional balancing. But know that insurance does not cover these visits.


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